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Markku Honkala photography – an eye for moments

Working title: A casually serious photographer based in the city of Oulu in Finland, travelling internationally for contracted photo & article gigs. I’m part-time professional photographer, taking on commissioned work, so please contact me in your photographic needs and print work. I don’t do this for a full-time living, but in ways it is my life.

I’m a contracted photographer for STT/Lehtikuva’s photo bank, a leading Finnish image agency owned by the largest media companies. My feature article with photography from Italian exclusive classic motor  appeared in Tekniikan Maailma magazine (edition 16/2017), a leading Nordic motoring and technology magazine by Otava Media.

dsc_2488-01-01Motivation: I need to photograph, so I do. I want to take pictures, it’s in me, so I do. I guess something inside me is shaped or has been shaped to visually approach the world through a hybrid viewfinder; my mind, eyesight, then a photographic apparatus. So I do, as I cannot not do. Photograph.

I’ve been photographing since teenage. University years got me more into b&w and working in darkroom, developing my own film and prints, and getting active in Uni Camera Club as a secretary. Theoretically speaking, I took Visual Communication Studies as my minor while majoring in Organizational Communication & PR.

So, I guess I’ve been around a while, but then job & family life and the early digital photo era took over, and I became somewhat more passive with photography. Looking back on it, I never really warmed into early digital SLRs, the consumer models that were affordable enough lacked something and felt too digitized, couldn’t emotionally really bond with them at all. Pro Digi SLRs were crazy expensive, still are.

But then came a revelation, a company that I could really bond with, with photographic tools that are nearly soulmates. Fujifilm X100S got my heart pounding, lured me back into filmlike days with beautiful tones and tools, dials and settings to match my needs. I’m a Fuji X-series camera lover for sure. Sure, it’s only a tool, but the tool needs to be right for your hand and mind, to sync with your inner viewfinder. I’m now shooting with e.g. Fuji X-T1, X-Pro1 and X70 with a host of prime lenses, and with them I feel my creativity and productivity has grown in leaps and bounds, my passion has been rekindled. I’m hoping to transfer some of that heart and soul into my images.




You can reach me through email at and by request in person in Finland, cities of Oulu & Helsinki being my main locations. I do speak Finnish, as well. 🙂

Field of view
I shoot stills, street, architecture, motors & vehicles, landscapes, portraits, products, weddings too.  I’m open to photographic commissions, collaborations, challenges, and contacts.  Let’s see what happens!

Go ahead and check my Instagram account for recent photo updates!


Farewell thought

” I think I’ve said this before many times—that photography allows you to learn to look and see. You begin to see things you had never paid any attention to. And as you photograph, one of the benefits is that the world becomes a much richer, juicier, visual place. Sometimes it is almost unbearable—it is too interesting. And it isn’t always just the photos you take that matters. It is looking at the world and seeing things that you never photograph that could be photographs if you had the energy to keep taking pictures every second of your life.”
– Saul Leiter